Gone are the days when fans were looked at as a utility product. Today, fans are being seen in a whole new light. Since consumers are getting more conscious about their home’s interiors by each passing day, manufacturers are reinventing how they design fans. The fans of today are not only great at performance and features, but also complement the aesthetics of a home very well. They have changed from being a modest appliance in the home to a stylish home decor piece ! And Seion’s fans are no different. One look at our product collection and you would notice fans that suit the tastes of all. In this particular case, the Ultimate Pro.


The Ultimate Pro is a super-premium, high speed ceiling fan from the house of Seion. It has been designed to not just blend in with the interiors of an elegant home, but also stand out as an elegant appliance in any living room! To start with, the Seion Ultimate Pro comes in four impressive, metallic colours: Honeywood, Berkeley Brown, Dusky Brown, and Bakers Brown. We decided on these colours after taking into consideration a broad range of interior themes, so that the fan fits perfectly in any setting and suits everyone’s tastes. On top of it, the Ultimate Pro comes with anti-dust coating, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of cleaning it regularly.


There’s more to the design of Ultimate Pro than just looks though. The fan boasts of a high-torque motor that generates 400 revolutions per minute and wide blades that provide superior air flow. Additionally, the fan comes in 900 mm and 1200 mm variants, which make it suitable for use in medium to large rooms. And the fan doesn’t stop being a great product just here. The Seion Ultimate Pro also comes with a 2-year warranty. Because at Seion, we believe that after-sales service is also a critical factor that makes a product truly amazing.


So, the next time you go for fan-shopping for your living room, don’t settle for an ordinary ceiling fan. Choose a better option, or rather, the ultimate option: the Ultimate Pro!