Meaning Seion

Seion is a Japanese word meaning serenity, which means the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. This meaning of our brand name reflects our thoughts and aspirations. To be able to serve the world with products that gives peace and calmness.

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Why Seion

Everything we buy comes with a price. A rationale consumer would always buy products that justify the price it calls for. At Seion our entire concentration is to build products that always deliver more value than the price it comes for. We believe as a brand it is our responsibility to work towards products that are more value than its cost.

Latest Happenings

Seion Retailers Meet at Ahmedabad

Seion is growing bigger & better with every meet & greet.

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Seion Retailers at Jaipur

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Seion is now in India's Capital: Delhi

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Seion Retailers Meet & Greet at Jodhpur

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Seion Retailers Meet

Every Meet and Greet, makes Seion a Stronger Brand. Our Heartfelt Appreciation to M/s. Devshree Wooden and Acrylic, Ahmedabad (Himmatnagar) for Organising Seion Retailers Meet.

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Seion's First All India Sales Conference

Seion's First All India Sales Conference. Our sales force is in all readiness to conquer. In 2019, Seion is going to be bigger and better. Watch Out for Seion in Your City.

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Electrical Retailer and Contractor Association Meet

Come join us at Stall No. 13 & 14 at The Ahmedabad Electrical Retailer and Contractor Association Meet to see Seion's latest products and services. Your presence and valuable feedback will help us serve you better in the future.

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Seion Kerala's Launch Event

Seion is now in God's Own Country (Kerala)

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Our Specialty

  • Energy Efficient

    Fans that eat more, blow less. keeping strict vigilance on the wattage consumption of our fans, we make sure that the output is extracted most at the least input.

  • High Performance

    In a tropical country like india, a fan is more than just a requirement. We often value it the most during the summer season, and it stands of utmost important that the output.

  • High RPM

    The most often question asked to judge a fan's performance is the rpm. At many times the air delivery is overlooked, which is the most crucial factor.