When you move into a new house, one of your basic undertakings would be to furnish your home with new lights and fans. While there was always a plethora of options in case of lights, with fans, you never had so many options earlier as you have now. Today, fans have modern functionalities and designs. They look stylish, distinctive and come in various sizes too. It is also common to find designer ceiling fans fitted with between 3 to 5 blades. While the looks of a fan and its functionalities can be gauged easily, how do you define the performance of a fan basis the number of blades it has? Let’s find that out.


The primary purpose of a fan is to provide air-flow. You might think that increasing the number of blades will enhance the air-flow. But it’s the opposite. When a fan has lesser blades, there is less drag on the motor; it can go faster and move more air more efficiently. As a result, there is much more airflow and better wind chill effect, making your space feel cooler. When you increase the number of blades in a fan, it does increase the mass flow rate, but the energy efficiency of the fan reduces. Hence a fan with four blades consumes more energy.


On the other hand, for a fan with three blades, less power is required to rotate the blades, and hence the energy consumed is less. As per research, three turns out to be the optimum number of blades for good air delivery and efficiency. Hence you will find that most of the fans in India come with three blades. However, fans fitted with four blades look distinct and has a characteristic of its own. So based on what you’re requirement is, you can choose a fan that suits the style of a particular room.


Now that you know the effect of number of blades on ceiling fans, let’s see the different range of fans available. Seion has a wide variety of ceiling fans, which includes Super premium fans, Premium fans, Standard fans, Economy fans and Sub Economy fans. In the Super premium range, Regenta is one fan that comes fitted with four blades. Other fans in this range have three blades. If you’re looking for a stylish, contemporary and unique looking Super Premium fan fitted with three blades, then you should certainly check out Seion Blossom. It’s India’s 1st ceiling fan with Cubic Painting Technology, which is equipped with high torque motor and has a unique blade design for higher air delivery. It operates at 400 RPM and comes in 4 awe-inspiring colours: Crescent Black, Champagne Gold, Plush Mahogany, Titanium White.