The modern innovation happening with ceiling fans is ceiling fans with lights. They are found in a wide array of styles, types, designs, and colors. The variety of options gives you the choice to match any home decor with easy integrations into any room in your home. Ceiling fans with lights help in complementing the appearance and function of virtually every room – from living rooms to dining rooms, from bedrooms to lobbies. They can be used to create any mood you desire, for any occasion.

Ceiling fan with lights can be used to replace your normal ceiling-mounted lights to provide an energy-saving home lighting alternative that also helps in cooling the room. This is the unique benefit that these products offer – incorporating both these essential functions into one stylish package that elevates any room’s interior.

Different Types & their Functions

Ceiling fans with lights basically come in three types.

  • Fans with downlights
  • Fans with uplights
  • Fans that combine both styles

Ceiling fans with downlights:

This type includes lighting fixtures that are mounted below the fan motor. So fans with downlights provide direct light to the room. You can either purchase the whole set together, which is usually the case, or get the light kits separately and add to an existing ceiling fan. You get a wide range of customizable options and lighting configurations that include multiple decorative fixtures and a variety of styles & colours.

Ceiling fans with uplights:

Uplight add another dimension to the ambience. Ceiling fans with uplights come with the light mounted on top of the fan motor. This casts indirect light on the whole room, diffused upward toward the ceiling, outward to the sides and downward through the blades of the fan. Ideal for creating a laid-back ambiance, these ceiling fans are also functional in providing proper lighting to the room in an elegant fashion. The glow created by these fans gives rise to a sense of wonder as to the origin of the light. They are usually preferred in bedrooms or in any other areas where you want indirect lighting.

Ceiling fans with downlights & uplights:

These ceiling fans combine both the style of mounting the light so that you have the flexibility to use either both lighting options at once or choose between the two. Which lights you choose will depend on the mood you want to set or the amount of light you want in the room. Most of these fans are fully-customizable and also available in various designs and styles.

Seion ceiling fans with LED light offer decorative style that perfectly fit the functional needs and design elements of any room. We also have fans that consume less energy, save you money on electricity bills, and help protect the environment—all while giving your room a truly unique and custom look.