Have you ever kept the ceiling fan and AC running at the same time? You may have heard that a ceiling fan pushes hot air that has risen up downwards, thus increasing the energy load on air conditioners.  Although not wrong, a ceiling fan also circulates the air within a room, helping sweat to evaporate and thus keeping people cooler and more comfortable. 


Keeping the ceiling fan running, you can increase the thermostat of the AC by 2 to 4°C without disturbing the thermal comfort. At a higher thermostat setting, air conditioners consume less electricity. 


So no, we’re not kidding. Using the fan and AC together can actually help you save energy and reduce your electricity bills. 

Still don’t believe it? Here’s an experiment done by researchers.


Scenario AC Temperature Ceiling Fan Units Of Electricity Consumed In 1 Hour Post Stabilization
1 22°C Off 1.4 units
2 26°C Off 0.8 units
3 26°C On at Full Speed 1 Unit


Scenario 1

An air conditioner at 22° C with the ceiling fan switched off consumed 1.4 units of electricity in 1 hour (post stabilization).

Scenario 2

An air conditioner at 26° C with the ceiling fan switched off consumed 0.8 units of electricity in 1 hour (post stabilization).

Scenario 3

An air conditioner at 26° C with the ceiling fan at full speed consumes 1 unit of electricity in 1 hour (post stabilization). The thermal comfort achieved was the same as the first scenario.


So here were the conclusive findings:

  1. Keeping the AC temperature low consumes the most electricity.
  2. Keeping the AC temperature high consumes less electricity. 
  3. Raising the AC temperature while using a ceiling fan helps maintain the right comfort and decreases electricity consumption.

It’s important to remember that keeping a ceiling fan switched on in the room, does not cool the room. They are not alternatives to air conditioners. Fans make people feel 3 to 4° C cooler by constantly circulating the air. Using a fan can allow you to raise the temperature on the AC, thus reducing the energy load. 


Power-saving ceiling fans can significantly cut down your energy bills. Look for an energy-efficient fans that are rated at about 45 watts. You can browse Seion’s range of ergonomically designed, stylish and power-saving fans. Choose the right fan size according to the size of your room for maximum energy-efficiency and thermal comfort.


Fan Size Room Size
900 mm <7 sq. metres
1050 mm 7-10 sq. metres
1200 mm 10-12 sq. metres
1400 mm 12-14 sq. metres
>1400 mm or use 2 fans >14 sq. meters